Work projects

MiniML static analyzer (2011) with Yann Régis-Gianas and Roberto Amadio

Tool to make functional programs with Hoare's logic assertions and execution time annotations.

MiniML compiler (2011) with Yann Régis-Gianas and Roberto Amadio

A compiler of a ML-like language, generating source code annotations to compute statically the execution time.

Optimistic Concurrency Using a Program Logic for History (2010) with Zhong Shao and Yannis Kouskoulas

Coq formalization of historical logic for concurrent programs.

Weakest precondition generator (2009) with Anne Pacalet

A pre-condition algorithm on C with correctness proof in Coq. For the Frama-C project.

School projects

Simulation of an olfactory system (2009) with Romain Brette

Simulation of the mammal neural network of an olfactory system, using Brian library.

Bunach (2009) with David Naccache

A robot without articulation simulator, using Bullet physics engine.

Cloudster (2009) with Joannes Vermorel

A k-means algorithm implementation in .Net on the cloud computing platform Windows Azure.

PetitCaml (2008) with Jean-Christophe Filliâtre

A compiler of a subset of OCaml to MIPS assembly, with clotures and type inference.

Microprocessor simulator (2008) with Jean Vuillemin

Electronic circuit simulator (C and Ruby), and design of a small microprocessor.

Generator of walking creatures (2008) with Jean-Marie Cases

A generator of walking creatures using genetic algorithms and the ODE physics engine.

Fun projects

A light web-album system (2011)

A web-album generator in Ruby. No SQL or web-interface, only YAML configuration files. I am using it as a replacement of Picasa Web (import script included). Sample (legends can also be added).

A light blog engine (2011)

A light and extensible blog engine written in Ruby. No SQL or dynamic pages, only text files and static HTML. I am using it for my own French blog.

A hexacopter simulator (2011)

A physics simulator using Bullet to simulate the flight of a hexacopter for the ENS' robotic club.

GPS link (2010)

A webapp to get a web link to your current GPS position, and share where you are.

Twitter_to_IRC (2010)

A Ruby IRC bot to redirect your tweets to IRC.

eoTranslate (2009)

A Firefox add-on to translate Esperanto in English.

TeeWorlds hosted servers (2009)

TeeWorlds is a free online multiplayer game. My servers had more than 1.000 players each day.

Catch36 mod (2009)

You can get a new player in your team killing him. Try to be the last team!

Duel mod (2009)

One to One mod, with challenging system, stats, and computed experience.

Save mod (2009)

Your number of kills is recorded. Just try to be the Tee God!

Fire mod (2009)

New kinds of weapons, with a flamethrower.